Saturday, September 11, 2010

Etsy Spotlight: Fantastical Ceramic Creatures

These beautiful folk art influenced ceramic sculptures are by Jenny Mendes, an American artist with a unique style, you can see (and buy) more of her works here. She also makes paintings and dishes. The pieces above are called Persephone and Green Horse.

Elya Yalonetski is a European sculptor, from Berlin, who creates magical pieces. These mystical ceramic creatures look like they flew straight out of Mesopotamian Mythology, and they practically did...The sculpture above is called Lammasu; old Assirian guardian of holy things, he is a free interpretation of a Mesopotamian cherub who guards holy things. The sculpture below that is called Lion with a little angelbird.
Her other sculptures and bell dolls look like vivacious characters in an old-fashioned french puppet show that you might see along the streets of a busy market place. See for yourself at her shop.

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