Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Lenni Lenape Language

I know I said I would be blogging more now that I'm settled in, and I know I said that I would take pictures at the craft fair and post them, but...The pictures turned out crappy cause my camera sucks (I need a new one) and life in New York turned out to be a lot busier than in Rome. Surprised? I have two exciting upcoming events that I will be blogging this Saturday (a craft fair at 3rd Ward in Brooklyn) and a show at Central Cafe in Brooklyn in 2 weeks. So I've been busy preparing for these among trying to find a stable part time job. I will be posting about the upcoming events...

These two women were speakers of the Lenape Language, Lucy Parks Blalock and Nora Thompson Dean the were photographed here at a Stomp Dance. I found their picture as I was translating certain words into Lenape to use them as the title for some of my jewelry designs. The website that I used and that was very helpful to me was the Lenape Talking Dictionary. You can see the designs that were named after Lenape words at this post or on etsy.