Thursday, July 22, 2010

Etsy Spotlight: Ring Lust

Silver Shelf Mushroom Ring by Heron Adornment. I am just completely in love with this ring, the other stuff in her shop is super rad too.

Quartz Knuckles Ring by GATHER JEWELRY. This is sold, which is such a heart break, but she has other really beautiful jewelry.

I'm All Ears-Black Kitten Ring by The Golden Plague. I'm obsessed with this ring and the other animal ears rings that she has.

Oak Wood Ring by Dollface DeVille who has other beautiful wood rings and crocheted hats and hair accessories.

Fancy Carousel Ring by We Wear. They have such unique and awesome rings.

Moose Antler Ring by the brass menagerie. Check out their shop, there are many other really awesome rings.

Faux Buckle Statement Ring (Brass) by Brillance Found. They have the coolest rings and such a wide variety to chose from too, anything from arrows to airplanes.


  1. You have wonderful taste and I ADORE your own embroidered work! I only wish that when I click through your links it opened a new window instead of navigating away... Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you. I know, I wish it wouldn't navigate away too. I'm not sure how to fix that though, that's a project for tomorrow.

  3. i tuoi anelli sno fantastici!!!!

  4. I have such a love affair with statement rings.. you've found a lot of incredible ones!
    Thanks for including one of mine <3

  5. Daaaaamn that first one is so rad!!!