Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Dolls and Soft Sculptures

I've always loved this Owl and Pussycat (2002) flip doll by Kiki Smith. I first saw it at the museum shop of the Fabric Workshop in Philadelphia. Silkscreen on fabric.

I made these soft sculptures in college. Fabric, felt, plastic, wood and wax.

Here are some beautiful dolls and soft sculptures that are being sold on etsy.

These beautiful lavender scented ravens remind me of the Kiki Smith dolls a little bit. You can buy them from The Diggingest Girl. Printed Cotton, polyfill, lavender beads and hemp.

I love these "feltidermy" felted faux taxidermy plushies by Girl Savage. This one is a jackalope. Wool felt, wood and polyester fiberfill.

These Russian Nesting Doll inspired soft sculptures are called Nest and they are a limited edition of hand screen-printed soft sculptures by Beside Herself.
Here is the description of the dolls and the concept behind them:
This series is an exploration of traditions; those that are learned in a particular cultural context and those that are learned in the home. It is about our relationship to our traditions and how this relationship and the traditions themselves can change over time, particularly in the context of migration. This piece is about both the comfort and burden of traditions when we find ourselves in new settings.
These NEST sculptures consider how the process of nesting is an ongoing one. We find ways of nesting in new surroundings as these sculptures will in their new homes.

I also love these strange and playful monster dolls by Ninon. Linen, cotton, buttons, yarn, polyfil, faux fur, velvet and fleece.

And last but not least, these pissy fishwives by Charming Rosie's Bazaar give me the biggest kick. I think they are so clever. Digitally printed cotton, wool and polyester filling. The artist who makes these is also a talented animator see her animation here.


  1. The Pussycat doll is absolutely adorable and touching! And I love very much Ninon's dolls as well!
    Thanks for sharing!