Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Vintage Suitcase Cat Bed

 As my husband said, "it's fitting for a traveling cat to sleep in a suitcase" when we first brought the vintage suitcase home from the thrift store and Ranita, our cat, immediately started sleeping in it (even before it was finished. Our cat certainly is a traveling cat, the poor thing has been dragged from Rome to Philly to New York to Richmond in just this past year, and all last year, in New York, she was sleeping on top of one of our suitcases.
 I first saw this vintage suitcase turned animal bed on Etsy and then again on Pinterest and then decided as soon as I could find an affordable suitcase I would make one for Ranita. How I did it-first I cut the fabric inside that covered the hinges then I took off the hinges, using a power drill and a flat head screw driver. I drilled a hole from the inside where the pins were and then I pried them off with the screw driver. After that I folded the fabric over and glued it in place. Then I made the pillow, I measured the inside of the suitcase and then cut and sewed some old fabric together, there are two different sides (which you can see above), then stuffed it with shredded foam. I left the side pouches in, and they make a great place to store toys (see above). The whole thing cost about 7.50 but would cost more if I had bought fabric for it and could end up costing more if I add wooden feet to it which I'm thinking of doing.

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