Saturday, October 8, 2011

Belts and Bracelets

Well there's only one bracelet but I have plans to make lots more using the snaps that I have used on this one and leather and some kind of embroidery or yarn.

1. Old belt that I found but that had no buckle so I attached some snaps to it so I could change the buckle. The buckle here is a vintage racoon buckle that I got in a trade with Emma Beans and More.
2. I made this belt to use up some conchos I had left over from some jewelry. It's also made of deer skin and of a silver plated buckle.
3. I made this belt to go with this dress and another black and white dress I have. I used what looks like a mother of pearl buckle that I found in my stash of stuff from my Great Aunt Mildred. I used the same deer skin as I use for the belt above.
4. Once again I needed a super cool belt for this dress so I took a piece of ribbon from my Great Aunt Mildred and bought the leather buckle and glued it to the ribbon (yes the fabric glue was the best thing).
5. This bracelet is made with the same deer skin as I used to make the belts plus some nail heads that I had left over from a previous project (shoe decoration) and snaps from my mom.

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