Friday, August 27, 2010

High waisted Sailor Skirt/Jumper with Kangaroo Pocket

Phew...that's a mouth full. I've had this seer sucker fabric for a year now I finally made something out of it last week. I originally bought this fabric to make a skirt with one row of buttons up the middle. I changed my idea a little bit and made it more sailor influenced skirt and I added detachable suspenders to make it into a jumper and a kangaroo pocket because I love pockets, they are very useful.

Above I'm wearing a vintage silk blouse from Sears Roebuck that was missing 2 of its 4 buttons so I removed the two buttons and turned them into stud earrings (which I'm wearing) and I replaced them with 4 new plastic pink/orange/yellow buttons.

Opened and exposing the kangaroo pocket.

Showing removable suspenders.

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