Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Drawing and Painting on T-Shirts

Drawing on t-Shirts was a favorite past time of mine as a child, I have fond memories of going to the craft store with my mom and picking out some colorful fabric paints, puffy paints, t-shirts, and maybe fabric glue and fake jewels. Then years later in art school, myself and friends of mine decided to buy some iron on kitten transfers, t-shirts and puffy pants (as a joke), it was a great time! And again a few years after that I came back to painting drawing on shirts, first I made gifts for a friend of mine (a t-shirt with peace sign made out of red hearts, which she loved, and a blue dream catcher shirt) and then one for my self. I wanted a wolf shirt but couldn't find it so I made it myself. My friends liked my shirt and asked me to make shirts for them, one wanted a shirt of Kendall Hart from AMC (All my Children) another wanted a shirt of Diana Ross. Below are some of these shirts, above is a vest that I'm working on, I drew a geometric design with Sharpie markers and now I'm embroidering some of the shapes with colorful threads.

I've made two installations of Victorian style miniature houses out of paper and a number of illustrations of them so, feeling like it was "my thing," I made a t-shirt based off of one of the
illustrations. Plus I was in a show at a boutique and the shop owners made purses out of one of the works by each the artists who participated. They made a bag out of one of my house illustrations since I was exhibiting my house installations. You can see these art works here.

I also did a t-shirt making swap with a friend of mine. She made me a beautiful t-shirt with 3 yellow bunnies on it and I made her this.


  1. are you going to sell these shirts? YOU SHOULD they're amazzzzzzzzzzzzzing

  2. Thanks, I was thinking of selling the vest in the first picture if I ever finish the embroidering, I guess I could remake some of these...maybe I will!