Tuesday, June 1, 2010


In college I made a series of photos featuring cat faces superimposed on top baroque paintings. Shown at the top are 3 of them, Marie Antoinette, a little girl holding a cat of her own and an Elizabethian woman.
I liked this idea so much that I decided to turn them into my own paintings. Shown above, Tabby Cat Countess and Cat Countess, 2007. Finally, after college, I decided to take it into the physical world and make them into costumes for Carnival. Shown above are the two costumes and the pannier hoop skirt that goes under the dress to make it puff out at the sides.
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  1. Wow creepy and amazing!


  2. Well done! and I'm so envious of you going to a carnival!! It's so european but I've never been to one:(

  3. Yeah I went to carnival in Stiges, Spain (near Barcelona) but my hoop skirt was too big for the festivities. Then this year I went to a punk rock carnival party in Rome which wasn't very carnivally and once again my dress was too big. I wanted to go to Venice, but I never made it there.

  4. hahaha this is so great .
    love your blog !