Friday, May 14, 2010

Prudent Vatican City Tour Guide Outfits

Last Summer I was working as a Vatican Museums and City Tour Guide and the dress code was very strict. Every thing from shoulders to knees had to be covered and if you had a tattoo that had to be covered as well. Since I have a mid sleeve tattoo that had to be covered so I designed a prudent Vatican City tour guide dress with pockets for myself. It covers everything that needs to be covered and has a 1960's inspired look with a slightly bubbled skirt, but since it has to be long enough to cover the knees it is a bit hard to walk waddle like a penguin, so I'm considering shortening it now that I'm not a tour guide any more.

I also designed for myself a shoulder shrug that covers my tattoo so that I could throw this on on top of a chemise when I arrived at that Vatican City. However it is made of merino wool so it is too hot for summer but it works for fall and spring. It is 40's/ 50's inspired and the pattern is a mixture of a leaf pattern and the nosegay pattern.
The yarn is very special because it is hand-spun by my mother, Lucinda Reichley, who is a very talented yarn maker and knitter.

To purchase the PDF of this shoulder shrug pattern or to order a custom made knit wear visit
Il Gatto Selvatico and convo me, or email me, I'll be happy to do it.

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  1. I think I am in love with that cardigan! I have a pretty big tattoo on my upper arm, if I could knit I would definitely buy that pattern!