Saturday, May 29, 2010

Painting With Yarn: Etsy Update

I love using a knitting technique called intarsia to make pictures and designs. (It is similar to fair isle knitting which I love to).
To do this, I start by making a design and drawing or tracing it onto graft paper and then I plot it out and decide which color goes where. This is my chart that I follow when I knit.
I've made a number of sweaters and bags using intarsia.

The Eraser Head Felted Multi-purpose Bag

For the Indie Free Spirits Team Challenge (to make a piece inspired by an indie film). I chose, Eraser Head by David Lynch. After I knitted this bag I felted it by washing it in the washing machine with plenty of soap and on HOT HOT. Some times this happens by accident to our sweaters if we forget to wash them on 'delicate' that's why they shrink.

Female Trouble Felted Make-up Bag

This bag has also been felted using the 'washing machine' technique described above.

Two Cats Purse

I wanted a felted bag with cats on it (because I love cats) so I made it! This bag is what started my idea of making felted bags and purses. This bag is not for sale but you can email me or convo me on etsy to arrange to have one like this custom made. You can also purchase the PDF of this pattern if you email or convo me.

This bag was inspired by this painting.

Unicorn Sweater

The fist sweater I ever made (the unicorn was a little too small, live and learn).

Buffalo Sweater


100% hand spun wool, great for felting!

100% Peruvian wool, great for felting!

For costume made knit wear or to purchase the PDF of any of the pattern above visit my shop and convo me.

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  1. amazing! you are extreeeeeeemely talented in case you didn't know! LOVE your ifsteam pieces and i hope you get in the top 3 winners!