Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Getting Ready (For Christmas and for the Craft Fair)

 I've been very busy getting ready for the craft fair that I'm doing on Sunday. Here's what I've been making...
I made a sign for the show.
 I collected branches for my display. I have them stored with the wooden crates and a box of envelopes that I ordered. My cat, Ranita thought it would be a great idea to hide out in this mess.
My other cat, Irma, also liked the branches but since that spot was taken she found a comfy spot on top of the couch.
Here are some leather and fabric pouches that I made for the show.
Meanwhile getting ready for the show, I'm also completing Christmas orders and doing some gift wrapping.
And I managed to find time to decorate the tree and take family photos for the Xmas card with my new camera.

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