Thursday, April 21, 2011

DIY Project: Homemade Backpack

I had this African print that I bought in South Africa 10 years ago, I needed a backpack but didn't want a regular canvas one, so I put the two things together--fabric+need=backpack. I also had some leather to make the straps and buckles and bottom of the the bag.
I went about the task of designing my backpack. I wanted it to be a "bucket bag" backpack with a draw string rather then a zipper and this would be a great way to utilize the eyelets I bought accidentally. I wanted the black leather to be the bottom of the bag. I wanted to have no extra pockets, a top flap and 3 buckles; one to close the top flap and 2 to adjust the length of the straps.

I laid out all my fabric and started to cut out the pieces. I first cut a circle for the bottom as large as I wanted, then 2 strips of leather and 2 African print pieces for the sides. I measured these pieces against the fabric for the lining (a cotton muslin) and cut out these as well. I sewed these all together to make the "bucket" part; starting from bottom up, sewing the lining separately, then sewing the lining to the outside part at the top. I then cut holes along the top for the eyelets and inserted the eyelets with a hammer.

With this done, I cut and pinned the remaining pieces; the straps, the buckles, the handle, the flap. I hammered and cut holes into the pieces for the buckles (you can also use an awl if you have it). After I sewed the handle and straps, I turned them right-side out and sewed along the edges. I also sewed along the edges of all pieces of leather to give it extra support. I sewed a leather trim around the flap and then I sewed the flap, handle and straps to the top of the back, hiding the frayed edges by sewing pieces of leather on top. I attached the adjustable buckle of the strap to the base of the bag and I sewed the buckles that close the flap to the front of the bag and flap. And ta-da! The finished product.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Studded Madness Weekend DIY Project

This is how I spent my Sunday, watching The Borgias and attaching these "nail heads" to a simple red sweatshirt and a pair blaring white keds. They are super easy to attach, they have 4-5 sharp points which you push through your fabric then, using a thimble, you push the sharp parts down and into the middle. It was a little hard to do this on the shoes because they were leather and to thick for this so I pushed them in and attached with fabric glue.

Friday, April 15, 2011

New Map Jewelry

This bright and stunning India necklace and this cute Philly, PA necklace were recently custom made. I'm now adding them to the shop, to check them out or to order your own custom made maps go to the IL GATTO SELVATICO shop.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Some New Stuff

I know it's been awhile. Life has been crazy!! These will be coming to the IL GATTO SELVATICO etsy shop in a matter of minutes days and weeks so keep an eye out for them.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

10% Discount

Get a 10% Discount at IL GATTO SELVATICO on your entire purchase (off jewelry and embroidered wall hangings) and all your future purchases by using the code SCLNTWRK10 at checkout.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Snowy Early Spring

These are my new etsy favorites. They aren't very spring appropriate but it was supposed to snow today, right? I love to knit and I love Scandinavian fair isle knit patterns and textured cables and these amazing pieces of art have to do with that!! The two deer trophies on the left side are both by an artist named Rachel Denny and the Christmas Lynx on the right is by a London artist named Sandra Dieckmann. I hope you will enjoy my finds! Happy April Fools Day.